Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Planning for your wedding or event is understandably a major time investment. As such, we want to help reduce anxieties and provide as much information up front as possible. Below are some of the most common questions received from our clients. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Do you use professional equipment?

Of course! After being in the industry for 25+ years we have used pretty much every brand of professional audio equipment. We currently employ what we believe to be the best and most dependable equipment on the market today. Our systems include equipment made by Yamaha, Denon, EV, RCF, Sure, Mackie, SKB, Odyssey, Serato, VDJ, OTSAV, high quality cables from Belden, and connectors by Neutrik. We employ two business class workstations for our digital DJ systems. We do not use consumer grade equipment and always have a backup system available.

Where do you get your music from and will you have the songs that I want for my event?

We should start by saying that we have an extremely comprehensive music library that spans multiple decades from the 1940s though today’s newest releases. All of our music is derived from the highest quality (lossless) sources. Music released in the last 30 years is primarily sourced from DJ specific music services such as Prime Cuts and Promo Only, or the original CD. Music that predates the 1990s is sourced from CD or digitally restored from 12″ vinyl versions of popular dance songs. All of the music used at events is converted to the highest quality digital format and stored on redundant hard drives for playback on our digital DJ systems. *We do not use low quality mp3 files downloaded from the Internet.*

In the remote chance that we don’t have a specific song for your event we will obtain it or ask you to provide it.

I am planning on having my wedding ceremony on the lawn outside of the venue, cocktail hour on the patio, and the reception in the venue’s main ballroom. Can you provide sound in each of these areas?

Yes! We have scalable sounds systems and can seamlessly provide processional / recessional music and officiant ‘mic’ing’ at the ceremony, background music at cocktail hour, and reception music in the main room. We even have the ability to provide sound for ceremonies and the cocktail hour in remote locations that do not have access to electricity by using a professional grade rechargeable speaker system. We can discuss your specific requirements during our initial meeting and conversation about your event.

What is your philosophy on music programming and how do you keep things moving during the event?

This is probably the most asked and important question we get from our clients (and one we take seriously). A DJ can the have the best audio equipment and have the largest music library, but if they don’t know how to appropriately time and program music, the event will suffer. Our approach is to play the right songs at the right time. During our initial meeting we will discuss your approach to music for the event. During the event we will customize the music mix by integrating your music choices with songs, that based on our experience and ability to read the crowd, will keep your guests on the dance floor. We know when to slow down or pick up the musical pace by reading the crowd and sensing the energy in room. Tempo and genre shifts during the course of an event helps to keep the dance floor healthy and keeps guests of all ages moving. Transitions between songs for dance sets are seamlessly beat-mixed which preserves the flow of the music.

For weddings, we normally play a slightly upbeat mix of music during the cocktail hour to keep your guest’s toes tapping. During dinner, background music is normally the appropriate choice so that guests can easily chat at their tables. After dinner, it’s time to dance and the energy ramps up! We will take care of all of the bridal party introductions, announcements, and coordinate closely with your wedding coordinator to make sure that your wedding stays on schedule. Again, we will discuss all of these details prior to the big day to make sure that you have the perfect wedding reception.

I was at a wedding recently and the DJ was talking over the music and pulling guests from their seats on to the dance floor. Is this something you do?

No! We believe that less is more when it comes to mic chatter. You and your guests are the focus at your event. An overly chatty DJ tends to detract from the event.

During our meeting, we will discuss your expectations for our level of involvement. Generally, we will make the necessary announcements to keep your event on track. In the case of a wedding, we will make the bridal party introductions, announce special dances, and cue your guests as necessary. We will introduce those that will be making toasts and/or delivering a blessing. Again, we will discuss all of these details as we prepare for your event.

Our focus is to set the mood and get people dancing!

Do you take requests from guests?

We leave the decision whether or not to take requests up to the client. Many of our clients will ask us to take requests, but ask that we use discretion whether or not to play it. We certainly do not want to disrupt the mood or energy by playing a song that does not ‘fit’. We also will not play a request that is listed on your ‘do not play list’ or a song that is inappropriate for the occasion. If your guest’s request fits the occasion and will keep people dancing, we’ll put it in the mix.

What type of attire do you wear and how soon do you arrive at the venue prior to an event?

We arrive at your event 60-90 minutes before guests arrive. If we are setting up in multiple locations (ceremony, cocktail area, main room) we will arrive in plenty of time to set up, test, and sound-check our equipment. Everything will be in place prior to guests arriving. There is *never* an additional cost for setting up and breaking down our equipment.

The type of event generally dictates the attire. Formal events call for formal attire while business casual may be appropriate for a corporate event. We recently played a beach wedding in casual wear and sandals at the bride’s request. We can discuss any specific preferences as we plan for your event.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are covered for general liability and property damage. We can provide a certificate of insurance to you or your venue upon request.